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1998 | Golan Levin



Yellowtail (1998-2010: Golan Levin) is an interactive software system for the gestural creation and performance of real-time abstract animation. Yellowtail repeats a user's strokes end-over-end, enabling simultaneous specification of a line's shape and quality of movement. Each line repeats according to its own period, producing an ever-changing and responsive display of lively, worm-like textures.

Yellowtail is now available ($0.99) as an app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch! This iOS app requires iOS 3.2 or later.

Additional Resources

Yellowtail can be experienced (with source code) in this interactive Java applet.

Detailed information about Yellowtail can be found in this project report.
More interactive applets on this web site can be found here:

Download Yellowtail (Full-screen PC .exe, 2000)
This is the full-screen, sonified version of Yellowtail, the first instrument in the Audiovisual Environment Suite (AVES). [196k zip file, for Windows2000/XP. Requires 700Mhz+ CPU; an nVidia geForce or other OpenGL graphics card; and a Soundblaster-compatible sound card.]

Yellowtail was developed at Interval Research Corporation (1998) and later at the MIT Media Laboratory (1999-2000) with support from John Maeda and the Aesthetics and Computation Group (ACG). Yellowtail was first implemented using the EasyDraw DirectDraw framework by Scott Snibbe; then the ACU C++ graphics framework by the MIT ACG, and then in the Processing Java framework by Ben Fry and Casey Reas. The iOS versions (2008-2010) were developed in openFrameworks and were created with the assistance of Max Hawkins, Lee Byron, Jonathan Brodsky, and enabling support from the openFrameworks iPhone crew (Memo Akten, Zach Gage, Theo Watson, Zachary Lieberman, and others). Thanks to all who have supported this project.