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The Dumpster

2006 | Golan Levin with Kamal Nigam and Jonathan Feinberg

The Dumpster

The Dumpster

The Dumpster (2006: Golan Levin, Kamal Nigam and Jonathan Feinberg) is an interactive online visualization that attempts to depict a slice through the romantic lives of American teenagers. Using real postings extracted from millions of online blogs, visitors to the project can surf through tens of thousands of specific romantic relationships in which one person has "dumped" another. The project's graphical tools reveal the astonishing similarities, unique differences, and underlying patterns of these failed relationships, providing both peculiarly analytic and sympathetically intimate perspectives onto the diversity of global romantic pain.

The following 1'11" YouTube video provides a brief overview of The Dumpster visualization. The same video can also be downloaded in better quality at the bottom of this page.

The Dumpster can be experienced online here, at the Whitney Artport.
More information about The Dumpster can be found here and here.
Lev Manovich has written an article about The Dumpster, "Social Data Browsing".
Press images of The Dumpster can be obtained from this Flickr photoset.

Exhibition Information
The Dumpster was made possible by a commission from the Whitney Artport and the Tate Online, and received enabling technical support from Intelliseek. The Dumpster has been exhibited at:

  • Data Mining. A+D Gallery, Columbia College, Chicago. 10/2010.
  • Hybrid Geographies, SUNY Stony Brook SAC Gallery. 11/2009.
  • Touched Design, Artgadgets Center, Eindhoven, Holland. 5/2007.
  • The Dating Show, Gallery at 3rd Ward, Brooklyn, NYC. 2/2007.
  • First IEEE InfoVis Art Exhibition, Baltimore. 10/2006.
  • Further Processing: Generative Art, Open Systems. Kunstverein Medienturm, Graz, Austria. 9/2006.
  • Time Shares: Fault Lines. Rhizome.org / New Museum of Contemporary Art, NYC. 8/2006.
  • BildMuseet. Ume University, Sweden. 5/2006.

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The Dumpster

<i>The Dumpster</i> explanatory video
The Dumpster explanatory video (45.87 MB)
[640x480, MPEG-4 .mov, 1'11''; right-click to download or watch on YouTube]